Let's put Attention back in the Driver's Seat...

Car accidents in the US (400k+ in 2015) are on the rise (+9%), after a decade of slow but steady declines. Although safer cars and improved driving assist equipment helped prevent accidents, distracted driving is more than offsetting all these benefits.

State bans on the use of cell phones in cars don't seem to work. Mobile apps that intercept distracting calls or the use of apps are easy to circumvent and distractions can also come from sources other than phones.

The old fashioned way to solve the problem is to have a front seat passenger who 1) is aware of sudden driving risks, 2) can tell whether the driver is paying attention, and 3) will warn the driver when needed.

LingoFit mimics the behavior of a dependable passenger who can evaluate the risk (associated with the current speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, pavement, weather and traffic conditions), then match it against the level of attention exhibited by the driver. If the driver looks away from the road for too long or too often, or the car is zigzagging in the lane, the virtual passenger warns the driver with specific signals or with spoken utterances.

LingoFit uses Machine Vision to analyze head pose and analyze eye gaze and eyelid closing to flag possible distraction and drowsy conditions. Machine Learning enables the creation of custom models of driving habits and experience to ensure that warnings are only given when necessary.


All Stars

Malgorzata Stys

CEO and Co-Founder

Pioneered Virtual Assistants at Conversational Machines, IBM Watson

Built up IBM CIO Innovation Teams spanning global locations incl. India, China, Vietnam and the US

Led multi-million dollar advanced technology deals across Industry and Technology Clients

Roberto Sicconi

CTO and Co-Founder

25+ years leading World First R&D projects

First IBM Speech Recognition Product worldwide

First Navigation and infotainment system ("Sally" - Honda), reference for conversational access in car

Program Director at IBM Watson, first computer to beat human champions at Jeopardy!

Dr. Bertin Cordova-Diba


15 years leading technology development in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning, holding various engineering and management positions at high-tech companies in the United States and Japan

Excellence Award from CEO of FUJISOFT INC, Japan, for the development of the Multi-View Camera System & Intelligent Park Assist System.

Maria Grazia Verardi


Internationally recognized Telematics Expert, Project Manager, Consultant and Trainer

Extensive expertise in telematics, Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communications

Co-author of ETSI and CEN standards and technical reports in Human Machine Interface in cars, V2V, V2I communications & pan European eCall

Greg Zaic


25 years of venture capital investment experience

Active Board member of both public and private corporations, guidance on business strategy, corporate expansion, corporate combinations and organizational development

Responsible for Nexus’ successful investment in Biodel Inc., a company developing a new formulation of insulin

Evangelos Skodras

Image Processing Guru

Machine Vision and Industrial Automations expert

Most Innovative App Prize for Eye Type mobile app at EESTEC International Android Competition 2015 and Computer Society Award at IEEE Mobile Application Development Contest 2015

Best Paper Award at the 3rd Panhellenic Student Conference Eureka, 2009.



TeleLingo is a startup created in 2014 with the ambitious goal to save lives of drivers by observing and modeling their attention in order to prevent accidents caused by distraction and drowsiness.

Co-founders, Dr. Maggie Stys (CEO) and Dr. Ing. Roberto Sicconi (CTO), met at IBM Watson Research and share their vision for the use of disruptive technologies and creative business models to enhance mobility, embedded devices, personalized user interfaces, and ubiquitous access to information.

The current LingoFit solution is a risk profiling system which includes the ability to detect safe driving conditions and support for simple mind-stimulating spoken interactions. The product will have added machine vision and AI capabilities and proceed with building the ultimate Digital Assistant with Copilot Expertise.

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